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Smap3D PartKeeper

3D CAD Software - Smap3D PartKeeperPartKeeper allows for quick and easy editing of the properties and characteristics of existing Smap3D documents, and the properties of standard Solid Edge documents.

Selected files are read by PartKeeper and displayed clearly in an Excel table. In this table the end user can edit Windows, Solid Edge and custom properties. These can then, for example, be used in a Bill of Materials or in connection with an ERP system.

It is also possible to create Smap3D parts from user documents. This process involves defining extra properties (categories and characteristics) in existing documents. These properties make it possible to display documents in the category view in PartFinder and hence define company standards.

It is also possible to define attributes in parts that can then be used in Solid Edge fastener systems or pipe routes.

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Smap3D PartFactory

3D CAD Software - Smap3D PartFactoryPartFactory is used to create new series of parts i.e. geometrically similar parts for custom libraries (company standards, standard parts etc.).

As a basis for this process PartFactory requires a parametricised part as a source file. PartFinder then links the variables contained in the source file to values in an Excel table (configuration file). The different values for the series are entered in the configuration file, PartFactory then creates the series using the source file and these values. The resulting output can either be a single master file ("Parent Part") or individual Solid Edge files for each component in the series. These files can then be added to an existing library and are then available under the appropriate category in PartFinder.

It is, of course, also possible to define information for Solid Edge fastener systems or piping components directly in the configuration file, in order for the parts to be immediately available in these modules