Manage design data and processes with Smap3D PDM

Very few companies working with a CAD system can afford to be without a PDM solution. With the steady increase of product data from CAD models, the complexity of data associated with a product has greatly increased. Product data cannot be managed successfully without a corresponding PDM system for CAD software. Through a combination of a CAD system with a PDM system, users save valuable time in the design. Thus, costs can be minimized as early as the product development stage.

Continuous data flow from PDM and CAD

The integration of a CAD system to a PDM system simplifies the work process in many ways: With a continuous data flow, manual transcription errors can be avoided. The users retain a complete overview at every stage. At the same time, they can react quickly to changes in requirements, i.e. for recycling or legislative changes, and make adjustments to the design.

Smap3D PDM Product live cycle