Smap3D PDM

Integrative PDM solution for CAD and data management


PDM solutions enable simple and clear management of product data and the integration of processes, organizations, and software applications over the entire product life cycle. Compared to traditional PDM solutions, the Smap3D PDM solution is also oriented to the requirements of your day-to-day work with CAD data. With the increase of product data from CAD models, the complexity of data associated with a product has greatly increased. At the same time, corrections to the design must be continuously applied and the resulting change of product data must be incorporated. Therefore Smap3D PDM is an integrated PDM solution in terms of continuous data flow integrated with CAD systems.


Economic benefits versus implementation costs

A PDM system cannot be installed overnight; the introduction of such a system requires careful planning. The costs of a PDM system and its implementation can be compared with the future economic benefits. What procedures exist for neutral consideration of both sides and calculation of the total benefits? Our PDM process consultants provide well-founded information to develop a meaningful basis for planning and calculation of these costs/benefits.

Significant advantages of Smap3D PDM include the shortening of processing times and the monitoring of quality and cost. Thus, costs can be lowered and the product quality can be optimized. You can find detailed information on the potential savings with Smap3D PDM here.

Benefits of Smap3D PDM