Smap3D PDM: Videos




This video shows, how you create a new document in Smap3D Studio. You learn,
why it is so easy to open the new document in your CAD-software. By the way:
With Smap3D Studio the other way is possible as well: to create a new documents
from your assembly f.e.


This video explains how important the work with favorites is and how to save time
with this function. It shows how you create a structure of your favorites and how
easy working with them is. Just check it out.


How do Smap3D PDM studio and CAD-systems work together? Look at our example
with Solid Edge in this video. Watch how easy it is adding a new part in an existing
assembly. Thatīs the way saving time!


This video explain several different possibilities to create Solid Edge drawings
from in PDM Studio registered 3D documents.


The video shows the release process of documents in PDM Studio


This video describes the modification of released drawings using the function


The video shows the revising of an assembly.


This movie shows the "Replacing of Documents" on the basis of replacing a
subassembly within a Solid Edge assembly.


This video describes the copy of documents within the PDM environment.


This video shows the import of documents into the PDM environment.



This video shows how to create projects and the assigning of data.