Smap3D PDM: Download and Updates


Software updates

Note for the update installation:

  • Installation of service packs may only be carried out with administrator permissions.
  • Each current service pack contains all previous service packs for the relevant software version.

Smap3D PDM 2017
04.04.2019: Service Pack 8 (440 mb) - Readme SP8 (txt)

Smap3D PDM 10 for Solid Edge ST6, ST7, ST8
03.11.2016: Service Pack 12 (162 mb) - Readme SP12 (txt)
03.11.2016: Free Plugins for SP12 (2,08 mb)

Smap3D PDM 9.6 for Solid Edge ST4 - 2019
02.10.2018: Service Pack 13 (13,5 mb) - Readme SP13 (txt)
ApplicationDB migration tool (ST4 to ST5 or higher) (zip, 242 kb)

CAD Partner Licensing 2.0 (License service for Smap3D V9.5 or higher)
12.10.2011: Service Pack 3 (2,46 mb) - Readme (txt)


Software archive

Updates etc. for previous Smap3D versions may be found in the software archive.