Control and optimize processes with Smap3D PDM

Due to its compatibility with other systems, Smap3D PDM supports the representation of the entire organizational structure of a company, including the change and approval processes. Thus Smap3D PDM contributes to a significant improvement in the overall information logistics: The required information arrives at the right time at the right place and in the required quality. Because of its life-cycle component, Smap3D PDM is also suitable for long-term documentation of product data in accordance with the Product Liability Act.

Shorten turnaround times with Smap3D PDM

Turnaround times can be reduced through the provision of relevant data in the PDM system and parallel processing. In particular, the activities that are not contributing to added value such as information retrieval or data preparation can be minimized significantly.

Parallel to product development, Smap3D PDM can be used to create assembly and manufacturing processes through appropriate pre-approvals or time-critical processes can be initiated in a timely manner for tool and construction equipment.