Identify and minimize cost drivers with Smap3D PDM

PDM systems provide users with a good overview of all processes and data produced - from product development to recycling. This implies both an overview of costs as well as processes. For example, duplicated work represents a major cost factor. Through the use of PDM software such as Smap3D PDM, costs can be controlled as early as the design phase. Also, any corrective action made directly in the design process is much more economical than in later phases of the product life cycle.

Example: Each reconstructed component represents a negative time investment for the company due to missing or incorrect information. It also causes issues in work planning, NC programming, tool and equipment construction, scheduling, inventory, and more. Therefore Smap3D PDM contains classification systems and lists of characteristics that facilitate the reuse of components in new products to be developed.

Exemplary overview of potential savings

  • Up to 40% time savings for engineers through efficient information retrieval
  • 10 to 30% time reduction for engineering efforts on the basis of document access and modification management
  • 10 to 25% reduction in product development times through faster processes
  • 20% reduction in changes
  • 10% faster searching in the reuse of design elements in the industry