Identify and utilize growth potentials with Smap3D PDM

Modern product data management includes all departments and divisions in a company. It is used to recognize and strategically utilize the company’s own growth potential. This results in economic benefits that can be quantified through measurable growth.

The benefits of a PDM solution are determined by the three essential factors, "cost", "time" and "quality". These result from the optimization of all processes enabled by control and coordination through the use of PDM software.

Reasons to use Smap3D PDMSmap3D PDM

  • Durable and highly compatible PDM solution through plug-in technology
  • Significant reduction in development time through parallelization of individual processes
  • Errors avoided by using the most current information
  • Individual adaptation to internal company processes through custom applications
  • Significant time savings through faster retrieval of information
  • Quick overview of required information and development status for the product or previous product via a clear structure
  • Improved quality through the use of previously tested standard components in the design
  • Reduced duplication through access to available records and documents
  • Simplified information transfer between all company departments and locations via client-server architecture