Smap3D PDM Studio – intuitive interface

The PDM solution Smap3D PDM differs fundamentally from other well-known PDM systems through its simple language, intuitive operation and clear interface of the PDM Studio. The result: Fast integration and easier handling with the PDM software.

PDM Studio is characterized by its high flexibility and ability to adapt to different user requirements.

Time savings with PDM Studio by Smap3D PDM:

  • Fast orientation: Office 2010 design
  • Fast start-up: Quick start configurations
  • Fast orientation: Navigation to document and folder information
  • Fast access: Multiple selections and commands via context menus
  • Fast overview: Lists with autofilter functions similar to Excel
  • Fast, complex operations: Wizards

Individual design and customization in PDM Studio:

  • User-defined folders
  • Variable skins
  • Adjustable window layouts


Smap3D PDM Studio