Ideal connection – Smap3D PDM is suitable for all CAx systems

Smap3D PDM has consistent and powerful interfaces due to its new plug-in technology. The PDM system can be ideally combined with any CAx software such as Solid Edge or SolidWorks. It supports all relevant features of the respective CAx system. The level of integration depends only on the corresponding API of the CAx system. In addition, other systems such as ERP software can also be easily connected.

Continuous updates and upgrades by our development team ensure that new features and improvements are always available through the software maintenance. Our collaboration with the respective CAD manufacturers makes this possible: Promptly to a new CAD software release or update, we can equip the interface with the latest features.

Smap3D PDM users can generate neutral formats such as PDF or TIFF from the CAD data. This is advantageous in that authorized employees in the entire company can view and print this data, even across multiple locations.

Individual applications can be integrated in Smap3D PDM

Fundamentally and without limitation, Smap3D PDM allows users to integrate their own applications. These can be activated by the user or automatically by the PDM system.

For a status change, the conversion of a document into TIFF format is automatically initiated. This is because the external applications communicate with Smap3D PDM via a defined data interchange format.

Data can flow back and forth from Smap3D PDM to the application. Smap3D PDM can thus be easily customized to company-specific features and processes.