Smap3D PLM

Solutions and additional functions for
direct integration of CAD in SAP

SAP®‘s standard solution for connecting or directly integrating CAD systems – or authoring systems in general terms – is the SAP Engineering Control Center® (or SAP ECTR® for short) with interfaces to the respective CAD systems to be connected.

In addition to products for expansion of individual functions and function modules, the Smap3D PLM solution also includes stand-alone software products with additional functionalities as well as complete project solutions.

Customer-specific requirements or processes often present challenges for a software solution. These challenges cannot be covered by a standard solution developed for numerous industries and designed for typical processes. This is exactly where CAD Partner GmbH excels: the product line Smap3D PLM represents project-oriented and customer-specific solutions, focused on specific needs.

Due to the numerous tools and add-ons available, it is rarely necessary to develop a customer-specific solution. It is often sufficient to introduce a customized, individually arranged and configured solution based on a thorough analysis of the requirements.

A project solution can also mean linking an authoring system – for which there is no interface as a standard SAP product – to the SAP Engineering Control Center. Even an individualized customer working method which is not provided or supported in the standard can be a reason to turn to a solution from Smap3D PLM.

An example of a mature project solution that has been used productively for many years is the direct integration of Smap3D PLM for Solid Edge with the plant design software Smap3D Plant Design. In coordination with the two engineering software products, the overall process is intelligently supported. In conjunction with an environment managed via SAP, the solution enables user-friendly and efficient work with Solid Edge and Smap3D Plant Design.

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Smap3D PLM