CAD Partner GmbH's Smap3D product portfolio provides 3D CAD software solutions for planning, construction and data management in mechanical engineering and plant construction.
Smap3D Plant Design is the 3D CAD Software for fast, easy planning of complex 3D piping sys-tems for mechanical engineering, tool pro-duction and plant design. P&ID diagrams over 3D-plan to isometric drawing.
Smap3D PDM manages all the documents and information required by a company in the product lifecycle. Smap3D takes into account the special needs of the design department, and greatly simplifies their data management processes.
Smap3D PLM makes it possible to manage SOLID EDGE® data consistently with SAP and to include SAP processes. Smap3D PLM supports parallel development throughout the entire product life cycle – from the initial product idea to mainten-ance.
The Smap3D product portfolio contains a comprehensive standard parts library for plant and machinery construction.